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Leesann Sutherland

Budding Data Analyst/Scientist

I have always been fascinated with the hows and whys of things that occur in nature, and as a six year old I proclaimed that I would become an astronomer, because space is the coolest thing ever! Growing up I was equally fascinated by archaeology, and the art of studying the past to understand the now and inform the future. These interests led me study physics and astronomy in university and have thus provided me with a solid foundation in research techniques, data interpretation and technical writing.


In my adolescence I scoffed at the prospect of becoming a teacher. However, through my undergrad I found I not only have a knack for conveying complex ideas in easy-to-understand ways, but that I actually love to teach as much as I love to learn! These experiences helped to improve my presentation and communication skills, which I have used continuously in my professional life so far.


As much as I love learning, the all consuming stress brought on by school can sometimes cause a person to forget who their are, and I needed to take a step back to rediscover myself and try new things. Doing so has ultimately led me right back to the world of data, with a new perspective and a renewed desire to learn and build new skills.


Being new to the data science field, I continue to work on building my programming skills and ensuring that my competencies are cobweb free. The purpose of this website is to showcase my developing skills to potential employers (or anyone who may be interested), as well as to give them a sense of who I am as a person! My goal is to join a data science team that encourages the ethical use of data to improve peoples' lives, will broaden my understanding of how data science is used in the real world and will foster my growth. That team could be yours!      

About me

Want to get to know me a little better? Learn more about my fun side here!


Want to check out my credentials? Learn more about my professional history here!

Data Science Projects

Want to see my programming development and project interests? Check out my data science projects here!

Voice Works

I love to sing! Check out personal voice projects, as well as some professional ones here!

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