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about me



As I am sure you have gathered by now, my name is Leesann! I'm an astronomy, physics and math enthusiast with a keen interest in STEM education and outreach.

As mentioned on my homepage, I love to learn and have an equal love for history and archaeology as I do for astronomy. A great deal of my free time is spent watching documentaries about various historical events, figures, cultures or civilizations. I also have a fascination with aviation, paleontology, geology, seismology, volcanology, human evolution, and abnormal psychology. You are equally as likely to find me with a giant mug of tea and snack watching documentaries about serial killers, criminal investigation and forensic science.


Fun Fact: Like actor/comedian Bill Hader, I have watched all of the original Forensic Files episodes



Like many people, I love traveling to new places. I caught that bug from my parents, who would take the family on road trips all over Europe when we lived in Switzerland in the 90's. By the time I was 18, I had visited 21 countries and have since been to 3 more. 


I am the type of traveler who doesn't like to relax; I want to explore ancient ruins, walk the halls of old castles, visit natural wonders and learn about ancient myths surrounding them. There is no time to relax when you're on vacation!

Fandoms and Passions

​​Anyone who knows me know that I'm a fierce Potterhead - a proud Slytherin (who should technically be in Ravenclaw) and staunch defender of Hufflepuffs - and will always be up for a debate or trivia challenge! Additionally, I am a lifelong Star Wars fan who unabashedly cried when she met Mark Hamill, and above all, I'm fantastically unashamed that my favourite film of all time is Titanic. While my odds of ever visiting the wreck site in person are slim, I have had the very surreal experience of visiting it in VR! 

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that I enjoy cosplaying, and try to go to FanExpo every year. While I don't consider myself a gamer, I am an avid Sims and Civilization V player, and do enjoy a good first person shooter from time to time.

The most important thing you may ever learn about me, however, is that I am a very passionate amateur singer, with a particular interest in musicals. There is nothing more exhilarating than telling a story with a bit of music and your voice! So it should come as no surprise either that I am a big fan of concerts and musical theatre. I would DIE without music



  • Singing

  • Performing

  • Musical Theatre

  • Story Telling

  • Listening to music

  • Drawing/Colouring

  • Crocheting

  • Belly Dancing

  • Playing the violin

  • Watching/cuddling/playing with animals that have a maximum of four legs


  • Improving programming skills

  • Achieve fluency in French

  • Building a vocal repertoire

  • Get into musical theatre and voice acting

  • Learn at least 1 musical instrument

  • Go on my Honeymoon!

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