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The Super bowl Project

Anyone who knows me knows that I have no interest in any sport beyond Quidditch, so by no means am I going to pretend that I have ever watched a Super Bowl in my life. I have watched only 2 halftime shows - whatever year Bruno Mars played the drums, and that time that Missy Elliot guest-performed...which I think was actually the same performance as the Katy Perry one pictured below. However, this project gave me a neat perspective on how data is used within the sports industry.

Embedded below is my Jupyter Notebook for this project. Showcased are my basic to intermediate Python literacy skills, as well as a few of the most fundamental techniques used by data scientists, including data exploration, cleaning, visualization and interpretation. The narrative and tasks presented were created by DataCamp as a guide, and only the most basic of plots were created in the initial run through. After successfully completing each task, however, I went back to customize outputs and plots, thus making them clearer and a bit easier to read and follow.


The datasets and notebook for this project can be found in my Github Repository.

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